Boy Marco: It’s Time To Just Go Away

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican Elites who backed Marco Rubio put their chips on the wrong horse in this race for a very simple reason; Boy Marco projects the wrong image. In American politics the race for president is as much about image than anything else. With this in mind, the Elites should be suing all of their high-priced image-makers and consultants who convinced them that one hundred million dollars and the full weight of establishment endorsements would give Boy Marco a chance against Donald Trump.

The results of yesterday’s primaries were strikingly dismal for Boy Marco. He couldn’t garner even a single delegate in any of the widely different demographic states of Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho and Hawaii. The people have told him to “just go home” and here’s why:

1. He’s not authentic. He’s been campaigning as though he’s a strong conservative and Donald Trump is not, claiming Trump waffles on key issues. But, on the three key issues that will decide this election – immigration, the economy and debt, and terrorism – Trump has been unwavering and has staked out the most conservative positions possible from the beginning. Rubio cannot run from his record on any of these key issues because the voters have memories.

2. He looks and sounds like a boy at a time that Americans are demanding a strong leader, one who will fight for them against the establishment. His speech last night as the voters were sending him a clear message that he’s no longer under their consideration was beyond tone-deaf.

3. Finally, and most importantly, no candidate could embody the image of the establishment that the voters are raging against than Boy Marco. He was clearly the tool of the establishment and their corporate masters when he led the “Gang-of-Eight” effort to disenfranchise the voices of the vast majority of Americans on the immigration issue. And, he’s clearly their tool now as he embarrassingly follows their orders in an attempt to peel as many delegates from Donald Trump as he can, not as a way of winning the nomination but, solely to undermine the voting public.

At a time when the voters are fuming mad at having been betrayed by the establishment politicians that lied to them, the establishment decided to coalesce around perhaps the singular politician that incarnates the reasons for their anger. His boyish appearance, demeanor, and campaign antics play right to the persona of being the establishment tool that voters are overwhelmingly rejecting.

The Establishment’s choice of Marco Rubio, especially after the voters resoundingly rejected the more serious Jeb Bush, was interpreted by the voters as the final thumb in their eye after six years of nothing but one thumb in their eye after another.

We all owe Marco a big thank you. His presence in this race, and the subsequent decision by the Elites to throw in behind him, have thoroughly exposed them and their plans for the continued rape of the American people.

Thank you, Marco. Now go home. Your work is done.