Boy Marco’s Childish Meltdown

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio exposed himself as a spoiled child during and following Thursday night’s Republican debate where he launched childish personal attacks on Donald Trump’s “look” and for running successful businesses under the rules Rubio helped craft as a U.S. Senator.  Rubio’s unseemly tirade has continued and intensified through the weekend.

The result?  One week ago Rubio was trailing Donald Trump by 15 points in a Rasmussen poll.  After spending the past week running his mouth in the most un-presidential manner imaginable the most recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC shows he’s dropped 33 points behind Trump!  The CNN/ORC poll was conducted before Senator Jeff Sessions endorsed Trump.

Two things are becoming very clear; Marco Rubio has no accomplishments to run on and is trying to change the discourse away from his Gang-of-Eight, screw the American people, open-borders legislative sellout.  And, the decision has been made (actually, forced on them by their largest donors) within the halls of the RNC that Mitt Romney will be being brought in shortly.  Rubio is conducting himself like a loud-mouthed punk and the RNC along with the media are encouraging it so that Romney will look more presidential when he begins campaigning.

There’s only one problem with the Elites’ plan, the Republican base well remembers how Romney rolled over at the feet of Barack Obama like a trained dog. 

Once Trump disposes of Romney he best step up his security detail because it’s becoming evident that his opponents will stop at nothing to bring him down.