VIA| I received the following email and pictures from a very dear friend who lives in New York City.

Now, I have no issue with free speech, but I do take umbrage with incendiary speech. And just ask yourself, if this were a Christian group, what would happen?


President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch seem to have created a “protected class” when it comes to Islamists. And for this group to make the assertion about no racism in Islam — well, history teaches us a different lesson. Muslims were the biggest enslavers of blacks, selling them off to white slave traders. And today, we know about the sex slavery being implemented against Christian and Yazidi women and girls in the Middle East.


I’m waiting for some black ministers to come out and blast these folks with the “Jesus was a Muslim” claim — but be careful folks, AG Lynch and CAIR will classify you as an “Islamophobe” and press charges. And where is the LGBT community and their protest of the sodomy-pedophilia-bestiality assertion? What, cat got your tongue?


Remember the piece we shared regarding the liberal progressive professor who was truthful enough to admit why the left doesn’t confront or condemn Islamism?Yep, cowards, and so this is what happens right in NYC where the World Trade Towers no longer stand.

Allen, I would like to share some very disturbing photos with you, which I took at Union Square Park this past Sunday.

There were 2 tables of Islamic propaganda materials from some organization called “Islamic Thinkers Society” (gee, I wonder what the hell they’re thinking?) including FREE copies of the Koran. Although, I’ve seen these guys before, the difference was that it wasn’t only one table, it was TWO and they had LARGE red signs with all kinds of propaganda including “Jesus was a Muslim”????? What the Hell??? And “Imagine a World Without Israel”? Anyway, somehow within the last few months these guys have become emboldened by their Fearless Leader in the White House.


Perhaps we should send these photos to Loretta Lynch, who made a speech to an Islamic group after that lovely Muslim couple blew up their fellow employees in San Bernardino, California. She basically said that if anyone is threatened or bullied by Islamophobes, that she will personally prosecute them.

The “lamestream” Obama media lapdogs turn a blind eye to Muslim hate groups. So, maybe FOX could get their cameras out there to expose the truth about the Islamic agenda. You obviously have all the right connections and would know who could most effectively do some honest, investigative reporting on this.


The “Islamic Thinkers Society” is obviously trying to brainwash the American youth and there were plenty of young kids out there who were mesmerized by their propaganda and FREE Korans. The tables are out there on most weekends only.

I will await your response and suggestions for the course of action I/we should take to stop these kinds of hate groups.

To my dear friend, I promised I would post this to our website. The other promise is that I shall never tire until we crush this theocratic-political totalitarian ideology. The choice is simple, reform, or get an old fashioned American beatdown.