VIA| No doubt you’ve heard by now about the bombshell Politico dropped about Ben Carson earlier this morning. Politico alleged the GOP presidential candidate “admitted” part of his personal story was “fabricated” — namely, his acceptance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Liberals and conservatives alike seized upon the bombshell — albeit for very different reasons, of course. Naturally, liberals grabbed this as the GOTCHA they’ve been looking for about this free-thinking (i.e., conservative) black candidate who’s so clearly gone far off the Democrat plantation.

Conservatives, meanwhile, stood stunned to consider that this man they believe in, whose personal brand exudes integrity — a trait so foreign to far too many leaders and political candidates — could have committed such an act, lying about his past.

Well, just minutes ago, Dr. Carson himself took to the airwaves on Sean Hannity’s radio show to set the record straight.

The headline? Ben Carson declares, in no uncertain terms, Politico “blatantly lied. There’s no other way to put it. There’s no kind way to put it. It’s just a blatant lie,”Carson said.

“I know what it’s about. I mean, because I’ve talked to a lot of people from my past. And these people are just roaming through everything. They’re absolutely certain there MUST be a scandal with this guy. He must have had an affair with some nurse. There must be something. And they’re getting really frustrated because they just can’t find anything.”

Carson explains the details about what happened surrounding the incident in question — which, as he points out, took place nearly 50 years ago.

“I remember very specifically that because of my rapid rise, I was told that they could get me into West Point and I would never have to pay a penny. I was very flattered by that but I said I want to become a doctor, it’s always been my dream. So even though I’m very honored, thank you, I didn’t pursue that.”

Carson refutes a key point in the Politico story —  that West Point doesn’t have a record of him even applying, confirming that he never did.

“No I didn’t. I quashed it right away. I said I was very honored, but I’m going to be a doctor.”

Carson takes the opportunity to clear the record on other recent media attacks, including that he supposedly lied about incidents of rage from his past — incidents that took place before his own personal transformation, which he describes in his interview with Hannity.

The candidate, who as a black conservative rising in the polls has become target number one for liberal media, doesn’t expect the attacks to subside any time soon.

“Well they have an agenda, and they’re frustrated because they can’t find anything. Yesterday it’s anger, today it’s the West Point story, tomorrow it’ll be he wet his pants in kindergarten, we found evidence. I mean, it’s just so silly. And part of it is to distract people. And hopefully to put you on the defensive and to get everybody else thinking about these things so we don’t even get to the important things that are destroying our nation.”

Even fellow GOP leading candidate Donald Trump has jumped on Carson, with whom he’s generally displayed a cordial and respectful relationship, about the Politico story.

“Sounds like he’s pretty worried about me,” Carson says of his fellow candidate.


Certainly it appears the left is very worried about Carson, a candidate who completely busts their narrative about minorities in particular. But he’s not about to give up. He reminds us, “Our country was designed for citizen statesmen, not career politicians.”

“Don’t let them get to you. Don’t quit. If my candidacy is successful it’s about the people. It will mean that a lot of people who aren’t career politicians might consider throwing their hats in the ring. I want to prove that you can come through all of this. And we the people can take our country back.”

Amen to that.

Now, Politico and the rest of the liberal media, since you’re suddenly so deeply worried about a candidate’s integrity, I’ve got a few things — and by a few, I mean a cr*pload — you seem to have overlooked about one Hillary Clinton, who’s also running for president. Even things that didn’t happen 50 years ago.