ELDER PATRIOT – Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump speaks very loudly.  About Chris Christie.

The pundits will focus on the crack in the establishment wall that’s been building around Marco Rubio with his massive list of establishment endorsements and attempt to minimize the importance of this endorsement but those who know Christie best know this isn’t an ideological play in the least.

One only has to remember back to Christie’s embrace of Barack Obama after Hurricane Sandy to know that he likes to embrace winners.  Likewise, he has no tolerance for limp wristed politicians like Romney or Rubio and has proven adept at torpedoing them in the waning days of their campaign. 

Christie is ever the opportunist and likely spent the past two weeks out of the limelight analyzing where he’ll be going from here.  He may be angling for Attorney General or even one of the two big prizes – Vice President or an appointment to the Supreme Court – in a Trump administration.

Christie’s previous ties to Wall Street should be troubling to Trump if he’s angling to be VP.  Trump will have to watch his back because Christie may be a Trojan horse waiting to resume the Elite’s work should Trump meet with an untimely demise.  This is a game of thrones that’s not for the trusting or those who are weak of heart.