VIA|  Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) just took a major step toward exposing how President Barack Obama allegedly funds terrorist organizations.

In a strongly worded letter, Rep. Hunter is asking the Justice Department’s inspector general to look into serious rumors that Obama’s FBI was involved in a cash payment transfer for AWOL Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Rep. Hunter wants to learn from Inspector General Michael Horowitz about FBI agents waiting at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border for Bergdahl to be traded in exchange for money, in violation of long-standing American policies.

The entire operation was botched, and Bergdahl never showed up… Which is when Obama resorted to trading five high-profile Taliban terrorists in exchange for the American traitor:

The letter to Horowitz comes after the House Armed Services Committee released a detailed report saying the Defense Department inspector general could not confirm that any payment was made in an effort to recover Bergdahl, whose desertion case was referred Monday to a general court-martial. All the DOD IG could confirm was that “small payments were made to individuals in return for information” on Bergdahl’s captors, whereabouts and condition. The Pentagon last year also denied that a ransom was paid.

But Hunter’s letter shifts the focus to the DOJ and FBI.

It asks the Justice Department inspector general to look at whether a payment was made from within that department, if one was not made by the DOD.

Hunter, in the letter, called for a “thorough and substantive review” of the FBI’s alleged involvement. He also questioned what authority the FBI had to pursue Bergdahl’s release since he was a uniformed service member and not a civilian.

“We’re going to try to get to the bottom of it,” Kasper said Monday.

He said a chief concern is that the FBI is not necessarily equipped to recover Americans held captive in hostile areas.

“They don’t have the assets. They don’t have the resources,” he said.

Why did Obama’s federal government go to such great lengths to ensure the safety of a soldier who abandoned his post? And if Bergdahl is facing court-martial for being a traitor, what should happen to Obama?