Breaking: Donald Trump Rally Rocks Florida

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump took his campaign to ground zero for establishment candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio tonight where he packed the USF Sun Dome with a highly energized SRO crowd while thousands of others were unable to gain admittance due to the arena’s too limited 11,000 person capacity. 

Bush is the ex-governor of Florida and Rubio is its junior senator but they are proving to be no match for Trump’s straight talk express.  Polls indicate Trump has the support of over 40% of Florida’s Republicans while Bush and Rubio combined are topping out at 22%.  The people who know Boy Marco and Mr. Rogers best overwhelmingly prefer Trump.

Bush is out with a new commercial in Florida in an attempt to salvage some level of respect in the primary battle for his home state.  In it he attacks Trump for trailing Hillary in a way too premature poll of the potential match-up.  The commercial fails to mention that Bush also trails Mrs. Clinton in a head-to-head matchup of the two of them.

It’s worth noting that Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16th at a time when Jeb Bush was the nominal frontrunner though he had only 10.8% support.  Three months later Trump led Bush 30.5-7.8.  Three months is the same amount of time after the convention that Trump will have to dissect Hillary Clinton before the election in November in what is certain to be a bloodletting unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed..

Of course that’s supposing that Hillary will be the nominee.