As anyone who’s watched Fox News’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” knows, host Jeanine Pirro isn’t shy about stating her opinion. And one thing she hasn’t been silent about is her full-throated endorsement of one Republican presidential candidate, in particular.

Since she endorsed billionaire real estate magnate Donald J. Trump for President on February 1st, she definitely made sure people get her reasons why. Here are 10 things that Judge Jeanine loves about Donald Trump.

1. He thwarts the wishes of the Washington establishment class.


“Here’s the bottom line: The establishment is scared.”

She added on Twitter:

2. He is waaaaaay better than Mitt Romney…and will turn out the vote.

Daily Mail reported that Pirro went after Mitt Romney after the former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential nominee made comments which were critical of Trump, contrasting the two:

“Donald Trump is bringing in record numbers of Americans. He is doing more to add to our ranks than any of your anemic get-out-the-vote operations.”

3. He’s a good dad.


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In an interview with Donald Trump on her TV show in October 2015, Pirro said that Trump has “an incredible relationship with all of [his] kids”

4. They have a close, long-lasting friendship.

Pirro told WGN Radio that their families “have been friends for 30 years.”

5. He’s a natural.


“Think about it, this guy’s running for President, has no political experience, and yet he can get our attention.”


6. He has a strong work ethic.


“He works like a dog. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as he does.”


7. She agrees with him.


“He’s a fascinating guy who I happen to agree with most of the time.”


8. He can win in November.


9. He is free to speak his mind, because he understands he “isn’t responsible for someone else’s reaction” to his opinion.

Since when if you state an opinion are you responsible for someone’s reaction? #JudgeJeanine #foxnews #Justice

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10. He’s willing to change his mind when he gets new information.


Pirro has not only joined the ranks of Trump’s biggest supporters, but it looks like she’s signed up to be one of his biggest advocates, too.