Breaking: Elites Settle on Joe Biden to be Next President

ELDER PATRIOT – The Ruling Elite have given up on their Republican establishment minions because of their ongoing failure to derail Donald Trump.  The party’s establishment will still be expected to do everything within their power to weaken Trump right up until the 2016 election in order to have any hope of keeping their seats at the table of power.

The problem for the Ruling Elite is the public’s growing distrust of Hillary Clinton that has been fueled by the rise of the alternative media that was made possible by the growth of the Internet.  From character defamation, to murder, to selling influence, to selling State secrets Mrs. Clinton’s scandalous past is becoming more widely known and is catching up to her. 


The most recent poll conducted by Fox News shows Donald Trump leading Clinton by 3%.  Trump has made up 20 points on Mrs. Clinton over the past six months without running an ad and in the face of rabidly negative reporting by the mainstream media.  As the economy continues weakening and Europe continues unraveling under the tide of virulent Islamic immigrants, Trump’s approvals are only going to continue climbing.

This is not lost on the Ruling Elite who have come close to achieving their goals of total domination over the institutions and people of the United States.  The last time they came this close was in 1980 before the voters finally woke up and elected Ronald Reagan.  By the end of his eight years Reagan had reset the clock so that it took 27 more years for the Elites to get back to this point.  They do not want to wait another quarter century again.

This is where Joe Biden comes in.  Joe recently expressed his remorse for not throwing his hat in the ring this campaign season.  I thought that strange (though so much about Biden is strange) until the Fox News poll was released on Thursday.  With Hillary dropping like a lead balloon the Ruling Elite are making their backup plans and those plans don’t include Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is unelectable.  Avowed socialism is still un-American for most voters leaving him with no chance of winning an economic policy debate against Donald Trump.  Beyond that the optics are totally in Trump’s favor.  Bernie is the picture of the doddering old university professor who clings to his ideologies that have failed everywhere they’ve been implemented.  To make matters worse he has never accomplished a single thing in his entire life.

That leaves the Ruling Elite with two paths to retaining control of the presidency:

They will continue to attempt to thwart the will of the people by doing everything possible to force a brokered convention among the Republicans in the hope that they can secure the nomination for their establishment candidate.  That plan is fully underway with Mitt Romney standing in the wings waiting for the call.  Trump’s growing support is making that call look more and more unlikely to happen.

On the Democrat side, at the appropriate time they will unleash the mainstream media to destroy Hillary Clinton and start a draft Biden movement.  Destroying Hillary’s campaign would be the easy party.  As the recent Fox News Poll shows it’s already coming apart on its own.

The more difficult decision will be when to begin the draft Biden movement.  Biden is an extremely likeable guy with 26 years as a Senator on his resume and another two terms as Vice President.  More important to the Elite, he has shown obedience to his masters as demonstrated during his two terms as VP.


He is also among the dumbest men ever to sit in the Senate and is prone to putting his foot in his mouth as proven hundreds of times in the past.

The Ruling Elite had been successful in minimizing Hillary Clinton’s negatives for a quarter century.  They’ll need to decide how long they can keep this idiot under wraps before drafting him to be their candidate on the Democratic side.


Yesterday, Pat Caddell, Jimmy Carter’s old pollster told Breitbart that this election wasn’t about ideology.  It is shaping up as more of an insurgency by the voters than anything else. 

This doesn’t bode well for the Elitists who now control things.  One thing is certain, the Elites definitely won’t go quietly into the night.  We must approach this with the same resolve.