VIA| FBI Director James Comey just gave presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the last news she wanted to hear!

At a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, they were discussing demands from Obama’s FBI to Apple to unlock cell phones used by Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino, attention turned to Hillary Clinton’s criminal probe.

Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) asked Comey about the status into the investigation into Hillary Clinton, where she faces potential prison time. He noted the White House has denied Hillary is part of an investigation and that “it’s not trending in that direction.” The White House also has repeatedly denied Hillary’s emails had national security implications.

But that’s when the FBI director turned the ables on Hillary Clinton! Comey noted that not only is it a serious investigation, but he’s directly involved with the daily operations of it!

This is incredible…

“This is a matter of considerable import,” Chabot said. “Is there anything that you can tell us as to when this matter might be wrapped up one way or the other?”

“I can’t, congressman, as you know we don’t talk about our investigations,” Comey responded. “What I can assure you is that I am very close personally to that investigation to ensure that we have the resources we need, including people and technology, and that it’s done the way the FBI tries to do all of it’s work: independently, competently and promptly. That’s our goal, and I’m confident that it’s being done that way, but I can’t give you any more details beyond that.”

Via The Hill

Watch the exchange (below). This is Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare!