VIA| GOP front-runner Donald Trump complained about media bias after the press purportedly refused to cover a decision by a federal judge on Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit against him filed by a former model who worked for his modeling agency.

The model, Jamaica native Alexia Palmer, argued in the suit that she had relocated to the United States after the front-runner candidate’s agency, Trump Model Management, promised her a lucrative $75,000 salary.

Instead she only earned $3,880, so she filed a suit in 2014 demanding $250,000 in back pay and claiming that the agency fraudulently applied for visa on her behalf.

According to The Fiscal Times, U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres rejected the suit.on the basis that Palmer failed to prove that she “worked the requisite number of hours over the three years to justify a minimum hourly wage complaint or warrant back pay.”

What Trump perhaps meant is that the press refrained from making a big deal out of his victory. Liberal pundits simply shared the story and avoided intermixing it with their usual dose of commentary.

Had the front-runner candidate lost the lawsuit, the anti-Trump commentary would have been nonstop and brutal. But because the lawsuit wound up going against the media’s interests, which involve seeing Trump fall, their biased punditschose to just report the facts for a change.

If Trump simply winning a suit makes liberal reporters actually report the truth, just imagine what him winning the presidency one day might do.