ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s email dump has now exposed her utter contempt for Israel.  The dump contained a series of emails that spat venom at our lone democratic ally in the Middle East.

Anne Marie Slaughter who served as Hillary Clinton’s Director of Policy Planning at the State Department exchanged emails with Mrs. Clinton in 2010 discussing using Palestinian fundraisers as a means of marginalizing Israel.  Clinton has long considered Ms. Slaughter among her closest advisors.

An email exchange with another one of her close advisors, Thomas Pickering, in 2011 discussed the best ways to foment massive Arab unrest in Israel using NGOs and other third parties not easily linked back to the United States.

Then there’s Sidney Blumenthal who has served both of the Clintons as everything from close advisor to attack dog and everything in between.  He forwarded to Mrs. Clinton a virulently anti-Israel article written by his son and published by the terrorist group Hezbollah on Al-Akhbar, one of their websites.  Her response?  Not, “don’t send me this trash anymore” but rather “Interesting reading.”

Clinton’s closest advisor may be Huma Adedin who has close associations with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has openly expressed hostility towards Israel and its right to exist.  Ms. Abedin has played her cards close to her vest to date but in light of these email revelations her place in the Clinton hierarchy should now come under greater scrutiny.

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have been crashing in recent days as various groups have finally opened their eyes to just how detestable a human being she is.  Look for that trend to continue as the normally reliable Jewish vote for every Democratic candidate begins abandoning Mrs. Clinton.