PAT BATEMAN – While 2014 was an amazingly blessed year for Joey & Rory, 2015 proved to have more than their fair share of hardships and heartbreak. However, despite all the pain & suffering, Joey & Rory have not lost their faith in God. They are a true inspiration!

Their amazing album ‘Country Classics, A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage’ is chocked full of songs that all REAL country fans know by heart! Including Roger Miller’s ‘King of the Road’, and Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors’ among many, many others.

The Feek’s dedicated the project to Rory’s Father who had dreams of being a music star that he never was fortunate enough to fulfill.

“I dedicated this record to my father, Robert Feek, who passed away in 1988…before I ever made my way to Nashville or heard one of my songs on the radio or played the Grand Ole Opry with my beautiful wife…he would’ve loved where his dream has led me. And I believe he would’ve loved this record.”

Then the hardships reared their ugly head: Indiana, Joey & Rory’s daughter, was born with Down’s Syndrome. Right after Indiana’s birth, Joey learned she had cervical cancer.  As if that was not enough of to deal with, Rory’s mother passed away only a few months later.

Did they blame Jesus? Did they turn their backs on God? Did they throw in the towel? HELL NO.

“As God often reveals, what seemed like our biggest fears are [in the end] our greatest joys.”

Below you can watch a pregnant Joey Feek sing with her husband Rory a truly emotional version of the  “Let It Be Me”, the Everly Brother’s classic hit:

May God continue to bless this brave family!

Jesus, please heal Joey’s body. I pray it is in your plan to help this wonderful family through all the hardships they face. This family has brought so much joy and love into the heart of millions, we would be forever grateful if you continue to bless them with your love and grace. AMEN