BREAKING: John Boehner Forced to RESIGN

ELDER PATRIOT – John Boehner’s use of underhanded tactics to deliver the votes necessary to sustain and advance President Obama’s radical agenda made him the target of conservstives and that finally caught up with him.  Make no mistake no matter what you read elsewhere, this was not Boehner’s decision.  Boehner was told to vacate the House Speakership by the Republican Party’s powerbrokers.

It had become obvious to everyone that the party’s rank and file is completely disgusted with leadership to the extent that no member of the Republican governing establishment is polling above 7 or 8 percent in the race for the nomination for president. 

Initially, Republican backroom powerbrokers thought Trump’s early popularity would fade but it became apparent that he was a wild card that might upset their plans to get an establishment candidate elected so they worked to discredit Trump in every conceivable manner in order to take the air out of his rising balloon.  They underestimated the contempt that a vast number of the voters held the party in and they soon found out the more they attacked Trump the higher his poll numbers soared.

As they sat fretting over what they had wrought upon themselves by their unwavering support of Obama’s Progressive agenda they saw another trend emerging; Behind Trump, polling second and third, were two more party “outsiders”, Carli Fiorina and Ben Carson.  Even the deniers understood that message, a large swath of voters do not trust anyone in the Republican Establishment.

Leadership grudgingly came to the realization that they were losing control of the presidency and that control over the next eight years of trillions of dollars of the people’s money would also be slipping through their corrupt fingers.  RNC head Reince Priebus met with Trump privately but could not “buy” him off.

It was time for Plan C, remaking the image of the party – not the direction of the party – by jettisoning their most toxic leaders.  Their hope is to use smoke and mirrors to once again fool their electoral base.

First to walk the plank was John Boehner because internal polling showed him to be the most distrusted of the Republican Leadership.  That’s an awfully big sacrificial lamb but it very likely won’t be enough to sway this group of voters this time around.  They’re disgusted with a party whose voting record over the past six years more resembles what is expected of Democrats and have done nothing to slow down President Obama’s runaway radical agenda.

Expect more heads to roll (Mitch McConnell?) as Republican powerbrokers forge headlong with their effort to save the presidency by reshaping the party’s image into one that conservative voters will believe represents them again.