VIA| The Second Amendment, above all else, is inarguably the most fought over right of the American people. In a recent win, a Federal judge not only overturned a California law that hindered American’s Second Amendment rights, but ruled it unconstitutional as a whole.

Before the ruling, residents of California were required to wait 10 days before being able to pick up their newly purchased firearms despite already having been cleared via a background check and had all their permits in order. Federal Judge Anthony W. Ishii recently ruled on the matter saying that forcing gun owners to wait the pointless 10 days, “violates the Second Amendment rights of those who have already been approved to own a gun.”

Ishii went on to say, pertaining to first-time gun owners, that his ruling expresses, “no opinion on the constitutionality of the 10-day waiting period in general or as applied to first-time California firearms purchasers.” In other words, Ishii’s ruling only applies to those who have purchased guns in the past, have cleared the background check, and already have in their possession the proper permits – not those who have yet to complete all the aforementioned steps as that will most definitely take longer than 10 days regardless.

Mike Tempski, General counsel for the Second Amendment Foundation, further echoed the ruling, saying, “Basically, the waiting period doesn’t make any sense when someone has already been cleared, has a concealed carry permit and already owns a gun.”

Needless to say, gun owners who were previously affected by the asinine law are now rejoicing the fact they no longer have to abide by the pointless waiting period. One such gun owner, and plaintiff for the case, Jeff Silvester, expressed, “This is a great win for Second Amendment civil rights and common sense.”

Executive director of the Calguns Foundation, Brandon Combs, likewise applauded the ruling relaying, “California gun owners are not second-class citizens and the Second Amendment doesn’t protect second class rights. This decision is an important step towards restoring fundamental individual liberties in the Golden State.”

Overall, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Donald Kilmer, summed it up best saying that he was glad to see American’s Second Amendment rights being, “acknowledged and protected.”