ELDER PATRIOT – Justice Antonin Scalia was considered by Constitutional scholars to be a true heavyweight when it came to strict adherence to the written word, or Originalism, as he referred to it.

Scalia’s death comes after major efforts were made behind the scenes to convince Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign in order to clear the seat for President Obama to replace her with a younger version of herself before his term in office ran out. 

It’s no secret that the Progressive movement relies on the courts for virtually all of its gains that can’t be achieved legislatively.

Once the effort to convince Ginsburg to step down failed I grew concerned for the wellbeing of the four conservative justices on the court.

It’s possible Justice Scalia was targeted because of his overt warnings about FEMA camps that were first reported in the Washington Examiner.

For a further discussion of why Justice Scalia was concerned and sounded the alarm see the video below.