VIA| Once again the ugly savage barbarism of Islamic jihadism has reared its head.

AP reports Explosions, at least one likely caused by a suicide bomber, rocked the Brussels airport and subway system Tuesday, prompting a lockdown of the Belgian capital and heightened security across Europe. At least 26 people were reported dead.

A spokesman for the Brussels Metro said 15 people were killed and 55 injured in an explosion on a train. Belgian media initially reported at least 13 dead in two explosions at the airport, but later decreased that to 11.

The Daily Mail reports At least 28 people have been killed and dozens injured in Brussels after a series of terror attacks struck the city’s airport and a metro station near the EU headquarters.

Witnesses described apocalyptic scenes with blood and ‘dismembered bodies everywhere’ after two blasts rocked Brussels Airport at 8am (7am GMT) in a suspected suicide bombing, killing at least 13 people and injuring 35 others.

Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am, at least 15 people were killed and 55 injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre.

At the airport, there were reports of a firefight between police and the attackers who shouted in Arabic moments before detonating their bombs. A Kalashnikov was later recovered from the scene.

The blasts, which detonated near the American Airlines and Brussels airlines check-in desks, sent shockwaves through the terminal building, shattering windows and knocking roof tiles off the ceiling as terrified passengers ran for their lives.

Folks we can no longer be enslaved to political correctness and enable this vile enemy to infiltrate and terrorize us. We are not guilty. We have allowed the Islamists to have safe zones within our nations.

I have expressed my concern about single, military-age Muslim males. And now is not the time for an Obama lecture. It’s the time for us to openly state who this enemy is and how we shall increase pressure. To my liberal progressive socialist friends, stop telling us who the enemy is not. And what happened today in Brussels has nothing to do with GITMO!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Brussels, Belgium and may God bless the souls of the lost and their families.