ELDER PATRIOT – There is a growing likelihood that that “data breach” of the Democratic National Committee computers by a member of Bernie Sanders campaign team was in fact orchestrated by a Clinton operative planted in the Sanders campaign staff and working in concert with DNC leadership.

An email obtained by Breitbart News from Hillary Clinton’s Deputy National Political Director Brynne Craig to Debbie Wasserman Shultz assures the DNC Chairman that another “transfer” should be expected and that he would “follow up to let you know the amount that is transferred.”

H/T Bretibart:

From: Brynne Craig <******>

Date: November [], 2015 at **** PM CST

(To: []

Cc: Richard McDaniel <*********>, Charles Olivier <********>

Subject: Next Week

{} –

I hope this email finds you well. Happy early Thanksgiving! I wanted to check in since December is quickly approaching. We are planning to do another transfer to the DNC on December 1st. We will follow up to let you know the amount that is transferred.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



In politics money buys influence and the DNC’s dependency on Mrs. Clinton’s money goes a long way towards explaining the limit on the number of debates that only Mrs. Clinton favored as well as having them “hidden” on Saturday nights. 

It simply goes against logic to deliberately avoid the free publicity that debates offer unless another motive was present.  With Mrs. Clinton enjoying a commanding lead in the polls she doesn’t want her competition having time on national television where they may develop a groundswell of support for their policies.  Refusing to debate at all is of course impossible in today’s political environment so she had to settle for limiting that exposure as much as possible.  Her “ownership” of the DNC provides her with this power.

It may also explain the recent data breach of DNC donor files that are housed on DNC computers.  A Sanders’ campaign advisor has accused the staffer who breached the proprietary files as having been planted by the DNC. 

“The unnamed Sanders adviser spoke with Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker and said that the staffer they fired, Josh Uretsky, came recommended by people not just close to the DNC, but to NGP VAN, the firm the DNC contracted to run the voter file. The adviser said, “It’s not as if we conjured this guy Josh from thin air.” – H/T PJMedia


Having worked on the campaigns of conservative Republicans in NJ I can attest to the fact that the Christie administration was known for planting operatives in the campaigns of those conservatives challenging his establishment Republican cohorts.

Regardless, the dust-up over the “breach” accomplished its purpose that was to make Mrs. Clinton the victim once again.  And, the timing of the charges against Sanders’ campaign couldn’t have been better for Madame Clinton coming as they did one day before the final debate of the year allowing Sanders virtually no opportunity to counter the cacophony of charges breathlessly repeated by the echo chamber of the mainstream media before the candidates took to the stage.

Subsequent developments lend credibility to Sanders’ claims.  The night of the debate Sanders apologized to Clinton for the breach.  This is not the way I’d expect someone who planned this whole scenario to react.  Especially, if they knew they would be coming forward with charges against a Clinton operative less than a week later.

Sanders has always been a decent and honorable man though a misguided Socialist.

In a battle of she said – he said, Mrs. Clinton’s scandalous past renders her accusations suspect, at best.