VIA| The Secret Service is not only incompetent, but corrupt as well.  Anyone surprised??

President Barack Obama’s Secret Service and the Democrats have two sets of rules,  one for if they get caught breaking the rules or law, and one for everyone else.

Once again, Obama’s corrupt criminal administration displays it’s firm grasp on tyranny, and once again, the lamestream media is complicit in this crime by not reporting it.


According to Fox News, the President’s Secret Service Director Joseph P. Clancy appeared deeply embarrassed, apologizing once again for his agents actions. Dozens of agents were disciplined for their efforts to discredit U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is investigating misconduct inside the agency.

“I would like to publicly renew my apology for this breach of trust and affirm my commitment to restoring it,” Clancy told lawmakers, who complained about what they said was a “deeply rooted cultural problem.”

The inspector general, John Roth, said at least 40 agents, including supervisors, had reviewed private information about Chaffetz, including his unsuccessful job application to the agency in 2003, and circulated it among news organizations. One agent had pulled the material just minutes after Chaffetz had convened a hearing in March about an alleged drunken incident near the White House involving two senior agents.

Chaffetz has largely recused himself from investigating the incident involving the agents reviewing his own file. Roth said the agents may have violated the U.S. Privacy Act.

Clancy said Secret Service rules protect against disclosing the type of material that agents reviewed about Chaffetz.

“I was angered by the willful disregard of these policies,” Clancy said. “And I’m determined to ensure all employees are held to the highest standard of professional conduct.”

So who gave those agents their marching orders? Things like this don’t come out of group think.They come because somebody upstairs wanted it that way.


The President uses the IRS as his personal Gestapo to weaken his conservative enemies and uses the media to spread false propaganda, and now the Secret Service is getting in on the act.

This has to be one of the most corrupt and criminal administrations in the history of America. They need to be held accountable, with the media charged as co-conspirators.  People need to go to PRISON.