VIA| The brave men and women of America’s military risk their lives everyday for our freedom. We are a free society because of the sacrifices made by the troops, and we can never repay them.

On Super Tuesday, it is easy to forget to ask the military just who they support for elected office – after all, they generally aren’t allowed to be involved in politics while in uniform.

But the Presidential race affects them more than anyone – after all, it’s the Commander-in-Chief who sets the foreign policy agenda and ultimately gives the orders to go into battle. Obama has made America less safe, and our troops know it.

In a new poll, the troops have announced who they want to replace Obama, and the answer is clear… conservative businessman Donald J. Trump!

Trump is, by far, the most popular Republican candidate running for President, according to the Military Times:

The Republican front runner Trump was the most popular candidate in a subscriber poll that closed Sunday, with 27 percent saying they would back the business mogul if the election were held tomorrow. Sanders, the independent Vermont senator, was a close second at 22 percent.

The results — based on responses from 931 active-duty troops, reservists and members of the National Guard — do not offer a scientific status of military voting preferences. However, they do show that the outsider candidates’ messages are resonating with individuals in uniform.


In addition, this is a clear indication that the troops don’t care about Trump’s lack of foreign policy credentials – they trust his judgement anyway.