VIA| So far we’ve learned what (a devastating and coordinated terror attack of war) and why (in retaliation for Western bombing in Syria and because of course, allahu akbar, “God is great). Now we are beginning to learn who.

Fox News reports “the first of eight attackers has been identified as Ismael Omar Mostefai a 29-year-old French citizen who had previously been flagged for links to Islamic radicalism.”

He was a FRENCH CITIZEN. He was completely home grown. He was somebody’s neighbor. And then became his murderer.

A French judicial official said Mostefai’s father, a brother and other family members have been detained and are being questioned, according to the Associated Press.

The mayor of the French city of Chartres, Jean-Pierre Gorges, identified Mostefai as a resident in a Facebook post. The judicial official confirmed the name to the Associated Press, but spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told Sky News Mostefai had a criminal record, but didn’t spend time in jail.

“In 2010, he was blacklisted by the police due to extreme behaviors, but never been classified into any illegal extremist groups.”

Little is known about Mostefai’s background, but French investigators have learned he grew up on a tough French housing project and turned to radicalism five years ago.

Separately, as we reported yesterday, another of the attackers was likely one of those “refugees” seeking asylum as part of the wave of humanity currently engulfing Western Europe.

Fox says, “the owner of a passport found near a suicide bomber in Paris entered the country on Oct. 7 from Macedonia as part of the wave of asylum-seeking refugees crossing the Balkans toward Western Europe.

Police said in a statement the man, identified only as A.A., formally requested asylum in Serbia. It’s the same passport holder registered as entering Greece on Oct. 3.

Officials in Greece say the passport’s owner entered through Leros, one of the eastern Aegean islands that tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty have been using as a gateway into the European Union.”

That means this terrorist arrived in Western Europe barely a month before carrying out this attack. It seems pretty impossible to make the journey as an innocent, simply seeking a better life, then get yourself hooked up with a group of jihadis, get outfitted, rehearsed and ready in about six weeks for your own death, don’t you think?

Pardon the Blinding Flash of the Obvious, but what the hell was Angela Merkel thinking, and how many more of these attacks must the West endure before the barn doors are shut tight?

And how many more times must we read that these terrorists – like the Tsarnaev brothers here – were “already known to authorities” but never arrested or stopped?

There’s no longer a “potential problem” in Europe. It is a dangerous problem, right now. Terrorists are being spawned and cultivated as citizens, and if that weren’t enough, they’ve been invited in with open arms.

And the insane and horrifying thing is, our president is doing the exact same thing, right here, right now.