VIA| The Keystone XL pipeline was hotly contested for a good while before the administration gave word that they had no interest in pursuing it.

Never mind that it would create a plethora of jobs for out of work Americans – that doesn’t matter for some reason.

Now, a Canadian company has decided to the sue the Obama administration for unconstitutionally shutting the project down…

From WashingtonExaminer via RS:

The builder of the Keystone XL oil pipeline company is suing the Obama administration in federal court over its refusal to approve the project.

TransCanada, which proposed the pipeline project to connect Canada’s oil sands in Alberta with U.S. refiners on the Gulf Coast, on Wednesday filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court in Houston, “asserting that the president’s decision to deny construction of Keystone XL exceeded his power under the U.S. Constitution,” according to the company.

The administration squashed the project after a record seven years of review, saying the project would increase greenhouse gas emissions and worsen climate change.

“TransCanada’s legal actions challenge the foundation of the U.S. administration’s decision to deny a presidential border crossing permit for the project,” the company says. “In its decision, the U.S. State Department acknowledged the denial was not based on the merits of the project. Rather, it was a symbolic gesture based on speculation about the perceptions of the international community regarding the administration’s leadership on climate change and the president’s assertion of unprecedented, independent powers.”

It takes a lot to make Canadians angry (or at least that’s the perception), so you know the White House did something dumb here, eh?

Obama and the constitution don’t necessarily go hand in hand, and it’s nice to see someone step up to the plate and challenge him.

The question is, why didn’t Congress bring up this lawsuit first?