VIA| Former President Jimmy Carter announced Sunday that his 28-year-old grandson, Jeremy Carter, passed away unexpectedly earlier in the morning.

CNN reported that Jeremy had not been feeling well and laid down to take a nap Saturday during which his heart stopped. His family immediately tried to resuscitate him with CPR and rushed him to a nearby hospital, but it was too late.


The 39th President of the United States then broke the news to a room full of stunned parishioners during his weekly Sunday school class at Marantha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

Reverend Jeremy Shoulta, the minister at Marantha Baptist Church, told CNN:

“(President Carter) was shaken. He was obviously sad although he was able to teach and he was able to present the lesson as well as he always has.

But it was apparent to everyone there that this was weighing on him very heavily.”

Shoulta also encouraged his parishioners to pray for the entire Carter family, which has been a mainstay in the Plains community for decades.

He continued:

“Our church plays an important role in [President Carter’s] life and he feels committed to his responsibilities here at the church.

His presence at the church today gave him an opportunity to fulfill his obligations to the church and also to feel the loving presence of his faith community.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution added that Carter showed up approximately 25 minutes late to Sunday’s service, a first for the former president. While former First Lady Rosalynn did not accompany her husband to church Sunday, Carter stayed throughout the entire service, taking pictures at the end with well-wishers.


The last few months have been a trying one for the former president and his family after Carter revealed in August that he was diagnosed with brain and liver cancer.

Earlier this month, however, the 39th president announced that he was officially in remission – despite the fact that the cancer had spread while he was receiving radiation treatment.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Carter family at this time.