BREAKING: Sarah Palin Drops a BOMBSHELL – No One Saw This Coming!!

VIA| A few weeks ago, President Obama travelled to Alaska for yet another vacation. His trip to the state was meant to highlight his climate change agenda, and he did so by taking as many selfies as he could.

This week, however, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke out to slam Obama for the trip, saying that all it did was highlight his weakness in foreign policy.

“Let’s take his recent trip up here, which was pretty much a tourism jaunt, really,” Palin said during a recent interview, according to Conservative Tribune. “How about if… while he was up here he had, as a president, carried a big stick instead of a selfie stick?”

“He could start publicly berating these countries that are sticking it to us with the messages that they’re sending,” she continued.

Palin went on to slam Obama for renaming Mount McKinley, saying that it’s ridiculous that he “would spend the time, the effort, the political capital even on such a thing when the Middle East is a tinderbox, our economy still sucks. So many things are going wrong right now that are under his purview.”

“And yet he would kind of make it a big darn deal to come up here and rename a mountain,” she concluded.

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