BREAKING: Ted Cruz Challenges Barack Obama To Debate

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama has used the bully pulpit to demean his adversaries since he was elected.  In his first term he had to limit his attacks to what the polls told him so as not to destroy his re-election prospects.  With the mandated end of his presidential term in sight the American people no longer matter to him and the gloves are off.

The president has clearly demonstrated his plans to divide and diminish this country in every way possible.  The divisiveness really took off with his sanctioning and funding of homegrown terror group Black Lives Matter. 

Now he’s importing terrorists into the United States and financing their entry and existence here using your money.  Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has spoken in defense of Americans and Obama doesn’t appreciate it.  The president threw the gauntlet down in the most dismissive and demeaning way today:

“Apparently they’re scared of widows and orphans coming in to the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion.  At first they were worried about the press being too tough on ’em during debates.  Now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans.”

That’s tough talk from a man who claimed to be interested in healing our divides.  Maybe that’s because after seven years in office he has proven to be the most divisive and racist president since Lyndon Johnson.  Healing is the furthest thing from this man’s agenda.  Now he’s attacking Republicans and ignoring Middle Eastern Christians who are being crucified and having their heads severed from their bodies by the very people this president is ordering we accept into our midst.

His claim about three-year-old orphans is ridiculous on it’s face and runs contrary to the facts – 70% of the immigrants leaving Syria are military age Muslim men.  Ask the people of Paris.

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has taken Obama’s denigrating words to heart and on tonight’s Mark Levin Show challenged President Obama to a debate.

The president will not accept this challenge.  There’s a reason Obama’s college transcripts are sealed and he won’t authorize their release.  Cruz, on the other hand, was a brilliant scholar while at Harvard.  Noted Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz recalled Cruz as being one of the smartest students he’d ever had.  “He had brilliant insights and he was clearly among the top students, as revealed by his class responses,” Dershowitz said.

Obama never faced tough questioning from a fawning media while he was a candidate.  Even Bill O’reilly rolled over like a trained dog instead of testing candidate Obama’s mettle.  And his prejudice was exposed when he refused to acknowledge how unfair CNBC’s moderators were in the way they posed their questions.  Hey Barry, maybe you’ll get it if I ask you a couple of similar questions; Mr. President, when did you stop cruising the gay steam baths of Chicago?  Why did Harvard pay two separate men who worked under you at the law review undisclosed settlements after they individually charged you with making sexual advances while working with you.

Word up Barry, Ted Cruz will eviscerate you in a debate and the 64% of Americans who agree with him and think you’re a danger to our security will soar when he’s done having his way with you.