VIA| Army sergeant Marcus Rogers, who made a viral video in the spring denouncing the Baltimore rioters, posted a new one on Facebook discussing the spiritual forces that he believes are behind the ISIS and Black Lives Matter movements.

In the video, which was put up over the weekend, the solider said he woke up in South Korea, where he is stationed, and learned about the Paris attacks. His assessment was, “We are at war. Whether you want to admit it; whether you want to believe it.”

“You want to know the truth about the attacks in Paris?” he continues. “ISIS and all these other things that are going on in the world, it’s just the Enemy’s pawns and his temper tantrum. Why is he throwing a temper tantrum? Because he knows his time is short. He knows that he is fighting a losing battle.”

Rogers explains that the devil employs people who “allow themselves to be used by him to carry out his anger….He’s roaming the earth like a lion, seeking who he can devour.”

He offers the example of the persecution of Christians as proof of his point that Satan is behind the violence. “You look at ISIS, who they they hate? They hate Christians, they are going around putting Christians in cages, setting them on fire, cutting their heads off,” he said.

Rogers believes that the fear and death being sown by ISIS and the discord being spread by Black Lives Matter are part of a satanic plan to wreak havoc in the last days. “He is trying to come against us with fear. He is trying to come against us with division, that’s why you’ve got ISIS and Black Lives Matter and racism and all this mess going on in the world,” the soldier states.

“The Bible says when you see these things happening look to the sky for your redemption draweth nigh,” he exclaimed.

Rogers exhorts any who see his message to fulfill their God-given purpose, using their God-given abilities in these “end times,” and not to get distracted by side agendas like Black Lives Matter. “There is nothing bigger and badder than the power of Christ. There is nothing bigger and badder than the Word of God,” he says.

“The Spirit of God will give you a backbone, the Spirit of God will give you some fire. It’s not on your own strength that you stand,” the soldier preaches. “I already know that He who is in me, is greater than he who is in the world,” quoting the Bible verse 1 John 4:4.

“When I see stuff going on in the news, I’m not going to get scared; I’m not going to panic…Jesus is coming, you all better wake up. The signs of the times are very clear. He’s about to crack the sky, any day, and I hope that you are ready,” he says.