VIA| Donald Trump got some very bad news on Monday when the National Labor Relations Board officially certified a union for more than 500 workers at the Trump International Hotel just off the Las Vegas strip. The decision came as the board overruled objections about this made by Trump’s corporation.

According to Think Progress, the workers voted to unionize last December, and they are now demanding that the hotel’s management sit down with them to negotiate a contract immediately. However, the management has instead announced plans to appeal the board’s ruling to the federal agency in Washington.

“We’re just waiting for a contract,” said housekeeper Maria Jaramillo. “We deserve one. We’re not second-class workers. So we’re here, waiting for him.”

Workers told reporters that they were subjected to intimidation by their supervisors and the “union avoidance” consulting firm they hired.

“They pressured us a lot [to vote no],” added housekeeper Marisela Olvera. “They told us the union only wants our money, that if we supported the union we’d lose our jobs, that the company would put our names on a blacklist and no other hotels in Las Vegas would hire us. They told us to think of what our children would do if we were out of work. Everyone was very stressed. People were afraid. But bendito sea Diós, we still won, even with all that pressure.”

The workers are hoping to pressure Trump personally to stop fighting them and instead negotiate a union contract.

“He says he wants to make America great,” Olvera said. “Well, he should start here in his own house, his own business. He always brags about how he has millions and millions and millions of dollars, but he pays his workers less than most in Las Vegas.”

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