VIA| On the same day he picked up his second major endorsement of a sitting politician in New York, billionaire businessman Donald Trump just got the massive news that his lead over his nearest competitor in his home state was over 50 percentage points.

In a statement obtained by, Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican from New York’s 29th District, became the second New York representative to endorse Trump. Buffalo-area Republican Rep. Chris Collins was the first.

“Now is the time to unite behind the candidate who I believe will be our nominee, Donald Trump,” Rep. Reed said in his statement. “We must move beyond the bombastic rhetoric to positive discussion about creating jobs and improving the lives of all Americans. We all care about improving people’s lives — that should always be our focus.”

While a second endorsement in New York’s delegation was nice, it was hardly necessary for Trump.

A poll by Boston’s Emerson College put Trump in a commanding lead for the April 19 primary. Trump had 64 percent of the vote, easily beating his closest challenger, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who only had 12 percent of the vote.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio — now dropped out — was third with 4 percent. Ohio Gov. John Kasich was fourth with 1 percent.

The poll was conducted between March 14 and 16, and it had a margin of error of ±5.6 percent. Good news for Cruz, who might only have to make up a 46.4 percent deficit if the margin of error goes his way.

Here’s Emerson College officials breaking down the poll:

A total of 95 delegates are up for grabs in the April 19 primary. While New York is yet another proportional state — usually the bane of the Trump campaign — a 64 percent to 12 percent win would be a massive blow to any hope the establishment might have of keeping Donald Trump from the necessary delegate count to win on the first ballot.