VIA| Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump shocked members of the GOP establishment this week when he backed off on his pledge to support the eventual conservative presidential nominee.

Last August, RNC boss Reince Priebus forced all the GOP candidates to take an oath to support the eventual Republican candidate after rumors started flying that Trump was considering a third party run. After months of being abused by the Republican elite, however, Trump told CNN this week that he is going back on the pledge.

When asked during a CNN Town Hall if he thought this pledge still rang true, Trump bluntly responded, “No, I don’t.”

“We’ll see who it is,” he told moderator Anderson Cooper, according to Downtrend.

Trump went on to point out that he has been treated “unfairly” by both the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment, and that he is unsure whether they are trying to take the nomination away from him during the convention in Cleveland.

Trump later said that he doesn’t need Ted Cruz’s support if he wins the nomination, referring to the fact that the Texas Senator has repeatedly dodged questions about supporting the business mogul.

“I’m not asking for his support,” Trump said. “I don’t want his support; I don’t need his support; I want him to be comfortable.”

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