VIA| The media have been hounding billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump for the past several weeks in an effort to get him to reveal the identities of the individuals advising him on foreign policy matters.

Trump has largely played coy at the repeated attempts, even citing himself as his top adviser, naming only Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions as the chairman of his foreign policy advisory committee.

But now the media can stop dogging Trump, at least on this issue, after he opened up to the editorial board of the Washington Post on Monday in an on-the-record meeting.

When asked for the umpteenth time about the identities of his advisers, Trump reportedly pulled out a list from his pocket and let loose with five key names.

“Walid Phares, who you probably know. Ph.D., adviser to the House of Representatives. He’s a counterterrorism expert,” Trump said. “Carter Page, Ph.D. George Papadopoulos. He’s an oil and energy consultant. Excellent guy. The honorable Joe Schmitz, (was) inspector general at the Department of Defense. General Keith Kellogg.

“And I have quite a few more,” he added, signalling that their names could be released as well in the near future. “But that’s a group of some of the people that we are dealing with. We have many other people in different aspects of what we do. But that’s a pretty representative group.”

Walid Phares should certainly be familiar to CT’s readers, as he is a frequent guest on news programs in his role as an expert on terrorism and the Middle East.

Page is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who has climbed the ranks of the international energy industry and is a noted expert on energy production and economic development, particularly in the former Soviet-bloc region of Eastern Europe.

Papadopoulos is head of an international energy center in London, and previously advised the campaign of Dr. Ben Carson before joining Trump’s team. He is also a research fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute think-tank.

Schmitz served under the George W. Bush administration as inspector general of the Department of Defense, and also worked with leading private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide.

Kellogg is a retired Army lieutenant general who heads an intelligence and information technology consulting firm, and formerly served as the chief operating officer of the Coalition Provisional Authority government that temporarily managed Iraq following the 2003 invasion that ousted the Saddam Hussein regime.

Trump fans praised the news in social media.

All of these men are noted for being highly intelligent and experts in their fields, and will no doubt share their vast wealth of knowledge surrounding foreign policy, national defense and homeland security with their boss.