Why Ohio Gov. John Kasich remains in the presidential race confounds many — especially since it’s mathematically impossible for him to win enough delegates to secure the nomination.

He has only won one state so far and to secure the GOP nomination he must secure 1,237 delegates and have at least eight state wins under his belt, and neither of those are likely to happen this late in the game.

So, what gives? Why is the governor still in the race when all he’s doing is muddling it up for GOP rivals Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz?

The reason why may be more sinister than most would like to believe — and it has ties to Kasich’s donors.

LifeSite News reported that none other than George Soros is linked to Kasich’s presidential campaign. The Soros Fund Management was listed as the sixth highest individual donor to the governor’s campaign, with $202,700 given thus far.

George Soros, of course, is a big-time liberal player who has donated over $8 million to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary’ Clinton’s campaign. Soros is behind the left-wing organization and is associated with many other left-wing movements. He is no friend to conservatives, yet he backs Kasich — leaving us to ask why.


Speculation is that Soros wants to keep Kasich in the race long enough to sabotage the Republican Party and pave the way for a Clinton win. Of course, Kasich may be delusional enough to believe he could actually win the nomination, which, sadly, feeds right into Soros’ plan.

Kasich needs to do everyone a favor and wake up to reality. Dropping out of the race now would the race to officially become the two-man race it has de facto been for some time now. Staying in only tarnishes the governor’s reputation.

It’s time and everyone knows it. Everyone.