President Barack Obama, while addressing students at the University of Chicago Law School, opined that America’s voting system is “rooted in racism” because it “unabashedly discourages” some Americans from voting. He suggested “reducing polarization” in politics might help improve things.

Then, he added that “white folks” have been the problem all along:

“We really are the only advanced democracy on earth that systematically and purposefully makes it really hard for people to vote,” Obama said Thursday when speaking at the University of Chicago School of Law. “There is no other country on earth that does that. There is a legacy to that that grows directly out of a history in which first propertied men, then white men, then white folks didn’t want women, minorities, to participate in the political process and be able to empower themselves in that fashion. That’s the history. We should be a society in which at this point we should say, yeah, that history is not so good.”

Via The Blaze

If that wasn’t offensive enough, Obama suggested it’s time for America to mandate that every American be required to vote on election day. Just like the healthcare mandate in Obamacare, the government should now compel you to vote, or else!

“Maybe the single biggest change that we could make in our political process that would reduce some of the polarization, make people feel more invested and restore integrity to the system is just make sure everybody is voting,” Obama said. “Australia has got mandatory voting. If you start getting 70 or 80 percent voting rates, that’s transformative.  READ MORE