VIA| I’m sitting in the gorgeous Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, just north of Detroit. I just got back from a very nice four-mile run through the neighborhood, and even though I had surgery on Thursday, I feel great; certainly the operation improved my physical stamina. I’m here in the area to speak at Hillsdale College and Bloomfield Christian School. My youngest daughter Austen is accompanying me to help out given my recent procedure. We flew in last night from Dallas and as I landed, I had no idea what had transpired in Chicago.

I can tell you Saul Alinsky is from Chicago, along with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Rev. Jeremiah Wright…I think you get my point. The birthplace of “Rules for Radicals” is Chicago and they showed out last night. First thing, there’s no doubt there was coordination between the line of questioning from CNN’s Jake Tapper at Thursday evening’s GOP presidential debate and the call to arms across progressive socialist online sites for disruption and violence at the Trump rally planned in the Windy City. This is today’s liberal progressive left, and this is how they operate: complete collusion between the media and their actions.

However, the left has just crossed the line and its antics will come back to seriously bite them. Instead of allowing open political discourse and opposition, they have chosen the tactics of Alinsky. This is a different time and everyday Americans are no longer tolerant of the intolerant. They will no longer be intimidated into silence. Americans have sat back and watched the most divisive president we’ve ever known and taken it — no more. Barack Obama has said the police “acted stupidly.” Obama has told supporters to punish their political enemies and opposition. He has admonished them to “not take a knife to a gunfight.” In all of those cases, to include the disrespectful “if you own a business, you didn’t build that,” there were no rising voices of angst. The left does not want political debate; it wants surrender, acquiescence.

As Monica Crowley wrote in her Washington Times oped piece, Donald Trump is the first GOP street fighter, willing to fight back. And as my black driver last night stated as we drove to the hotel, get ready for President Trump because he’s a rich guy that speaks to common folks. And I must agree, what the chuckleheads in Chicago did last night was to elevate Donald J. Trump into martyr status. They have made Trump a symbol and the common folk will rally to him. Americans will no longer be intimidated into silence. And these high-brow folks who keep referring to Trump supporters as uninformed and illiterate neanderthals are totally wrong. My wife Angela has a dual major, an MBA and a PhD. She was a college business professor and she supports Donald J. Trump. And she has some pretty intelligent and accomplished friends who support Trump as well. I’m getting tired of folks referring to my wife in such a denigrating manner.

What’s happened in America where people are not free to speak, assemble and select their own political candidate without ridicule and disparagement? I can tell you this, the silent majority is not going back into the bottle. Folks once upon a time, in both political parties, labeled a man out of touch and not smart, and he led an insurgent movement. That was Ronald Reagan. Now, I’m not comparing Reagan to Trump, but understand something: never disregard the movement of people who embrace fundamental American principles, the common folk. Trump is bringing together people from across various demographics — say what you wish — and the left just took the wrong approach.

It would’ve been best for GOP presidential candidates John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to have remained silent or at least supported the First Amendment. To have used this as a means to bash the candidate Trump will bolster them with their supporters, but I don’t believe it bodes well overall. If you want to protest, do not vote for the candidate Trump. But to prevent others from being able to support or just hear what the candidate has to say is not in keeping with the finer traditions of America.

But the actions of those individuals in Chicago last night are in keeping with some of the nefarious traditions that city has produced. Namely, the man Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book to Lucifer, the devil.

And no, I’m not endorsing or supporting any specific candidate. But I will take the ideological battlefield for freedom and liberty against progressive socialism!