VIA| Conservative hero Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is back in the news, with a question which which cuts to the very core of a corrupt, criminal Presidential administration. Gowdy, former undefeated prosecutor, has been digging for truth about the Benghazi terrorist attacks. And while grilling a Secretary of State bureaucrat – Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer Joyce A. Barr – he went over ever detail of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server which handled official emails. And Barr sheepishly replied they had been “assured” that nothing the State Department would need to be compliant with the law were on the scrubbed server.

In reply, Gowdy asks a very important question: Does Barack Obama have his own private email server?

As Truth Revolt reports, Gowdy fearlessly raised that important question:

Well, you mentioned other federal employees which got me wondering… Attorney General Holder — did he have his own server? (Answer: No, he used official DoJ) How about new Attorney General Lynch? Does she have a personal server?

What about President Obama — is there any indication — because if you’re going to pursue the theory of convenience, I can’t really imagine a busier person on the globe than President Obama. Did he have his own personal server?

The assumption is Obama doesn’t have a private server… But how do we know? We assumed Hillary was only using State Department email servers ONLY because that’s what the law required… But that certainly didn’t stop her. Seems fair then to assume that somewhere there is likely to be a secret means of communications the President could easily use to plot against our Constitutional rights. And Trey Gowdy just shined a giant flashlight on it.