VIA| Except if you’re President Obama, of course.

But even President Obama’s new mini-me to the north, newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is taking a rather bold approach to protecting his nation from the threat of terrorists, posing as refugees, infiltrating its borders .

Via The Right Scoop:

Like every other wealthy Western nation hated by Islamists, Canada is dealing with the issue of whether and how many Syrian refugees will taken in by their country.

CBC news outlined the new plan for refugees in Canada yesterday, and it is focused, sensibly enough, on women and children, not Army-age single males. 

The federal government’s much-anticipated Syrian refugee plan will limit those accepted into Canada to women, children and families only, CBC News has learned.

Sources tell CBC News that to deal with some ongoing concerns around security, unaccompanied men seeking asylum will not be part of the program.

Canada plans to take it 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year – so basically in the next 6 weeks. Like the United States, Canada will be doing their own security screening above and beyond what the United Nations is doing. Another wise decision. Also, upon arrival in Canada, all refugees will be temporarily housed on military bases, not, for example, at Michael Moore’s “I’m pretending I’m a simple” show apartment.

In other words, it’s safe to say that Canada is totally a bunch of racist cowards who hate orphans. Right, President Obama?

So, while Canada is promising to take in 25,000 refugees — more than twice the 10,000 the U.S. has committed to — it is placing a very practical restriction on them to protect itself against the very real threat of terrorists hidden amongst the refugee influx to infiltrate. This alone, of course, is not foolproof, given the rising role of women in terrorist attacks — as evidenced graphically by the female terrorist who blew herself up last week in a Paris raid.

This move by Canada is even more striking when you consider that Prime Minister Trudeau, a champion of returning multiculturalism to Canada, campaigned on fighting against what he deemed “Islamophobia.” So apparently, HE doesn’t consider this Islamophobic; but, rather, just a practical, common-sense measure to protect his nation.

Perhaps the United States could learn from this policy; I’m fairly certain Republicans would be willing to prove President Obama wrong about his claim that we’re simply “scared of widows and ophans.”

If not, don’t you wonder where the Army-aged single males from Syria, whom our neighbor to the north refuses, might end up?