Bring Down The Republican Establishment May Cost Trump His Life …

ELDER PATRIOT – After spending the past few months trying to convince their base that Donald Trump couldn’t win their nomination for president, the reality is setting in for his competition and the Republican National Committee that he absolutely can.

They had hoped to marginalize Trump as lacking the proper disposition and temperament to be president.  It was a strategy that they had successfully used against Ron Paul.  Their plan was to watch Trump’s popularity wane under their barrage of criticism as they planned that a growing number of his supporters would be scared off.  They miscalculated the strength of Trump’s personality and the mood of the electorate.

The twenty-five percent of the party faithful that supported Trump were having none of it, preferring Trump’s brash style and clearly defined vision to the nuanced, trim-around-the-edges approach of his challengers. 

Political newcomers and party outsiders, Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are polling close to fifty percent by themselves.  What party leaders and the other candidates are finally realizing is that almost half of their base has grown so disgusted with the direction the Republican Party has travelled over the past quarter century that they are not likely to win them back with their highly manicured in-house candidates. 

Adding to the Republican Party leadership’s conundrum is that Trump’s supporters are vocal and energized, something that the other candidates cannot claim.  This means they will be actively campaigning and convincing other Republican voters of the Donald’s credentials and, even more importantly, they will be reminding them of how those running against Trump have consistently done nothing to solve our problems but have indebted us greatly, nonetheless.

The Republican Party has only itself to blame.  Their personal greed and complicity in directing us towards the new world order that Daddy Bush advocated has finally caught up with them.  The people of the United States have grown poorer over the past two decades while Washington Republicans were joining with Democrats to form a proletariat and looking down their noses at them.

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani has said that Trump has a little bit of Reagan in him.  We should only be so lucky.  What Trump does have is a fierce independent streak and money, lots of money.  He owes no political favors to anyone or any organization.  He has the ability to remake the Republican Party by cleansing it of the power brokers who currently control it.

Should Trump secure the nomination his road to the presidency is clear.  What’s less clear is if the ruling elite who killed JFK and tried killing Ronald Reagan will allow a Trump presidency.