Britain’s Fall To Muslim Rule Virtually Complete

ELDER PATRIOT – Just as they ignored the threat of Nazism over eight decades ago British leadership has buried their heads where the sun doesn’t shine over the radical Jihadist invasion of Europe in general and of their country in particular.  It shouldn’t escape scrutiny that both movements so easily tolerated by British Parliamentarians put the extinction of Jews at the forefront of their agendas.


In fact, the only people the Nazis collaborated with during WW II were those of the Muslim nations.

This is what makes the cowering British PMs’ Parliamentary debate banning Donald Trump from their country so troubling. Members of Parliament rolled over like dogs under the demands of hardline leftist radicals and elected Muslim leaders who were able to garner a half-million signatures from their sympathizers on a government e-petition.


The fact that banning the next potential United States president was actually debated within the halls of Parliament is shocking evidence that the Brits can no longer be counted on as our allies.  That Parliament has never banned a leader of any Muslim entity no matter how extreme exposes fully the success of the radicals’ invasion and the extent of the Brit’s abandonment of the principles of their Magna Carta that read, in part, “No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, disseised, outlawed, banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will We proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

Ostensibly the debate centered on Trump’s alleged Islamaphobia.  His call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the United States while “our representatives figure things out” apparently is too deep a concept for the Brits to grasp.  Or, more likely those orchestrating the Muslim invasion of the West are simply unwilling to accept any slowdown or debate of the process.

This is reminiscent of the 1930’s when the Left led by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain acquiesced to Adolph Hitler while ostracizing Winston Churchill’s efforts to sound the alarm of what was really taking hold around them.  It now appears that Hitler’s biggest mistake was not asking Chamberlain to ban Churchill while he was negotiating the rights to the Sudetendland region of Czechoslovakia.  If that Parliament was anything like the current one Hitler could’ve crushed all British opposition right then and there.  These Islamic invaders and their supporters don’t plan on making the same mistake that Hitler did.  Today, in England speak out and you will be silenced.

This is the leadership the Brits have chosen to follow.  Pamela Geller learned this last year when her lawsuit compelling the British government to release the dossier they kept on her revealed that along with her outspoken warnings about Muslim immigration, her support of Israel was an additional reason for banning her from their country.

So the Brits have thrown in with their Muslim invaders, just as they turned a blind eye towards the growing menace that Hitler’s Nazi Party posed, rather than stand and defend their culture and their freedoms.  Maybe an armed British citizenry would be more capable of defending themselves against a Parliament that is more intent on inventing rights for their Jihadist invaders than defending the rights of the indigenous people who elected them.

In his 1964 speech “A Time For Choosing” Ronald Reagan rallied Americans with these words: “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.  We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.  You and I have the ability and the dignity and the right to make our own decisions and determine our own destiny.”


Whether Britain can be counted on any longer in the never-ending battle to preserve mankind’s freedom continues to grow increasingly uncertain.  It doesn’t matter, it is now our generation’s time to defend our culture and our freedoms on this continent or surrender forever those freedoms that so many brave men and their families before us sacrificed so much to pass on to us.


Choose carefully, future generations are counting on you.