VIA| The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a perpetually offended atheist group. They unethically use the threat of legal action to bully municipalities into conforming to their secular demands or face MASSIVE legal bills. Fortunately, they just saw their efforts to stop a Christmas parade backfire… in a huge way!

In Piedmont, Alabama, city officials were under so much pressure from the atheist organization that parade organizers were forced to cancel this year’s parade theme: “Keep Christ in Christmas.” However, that didn’t stop the people of Piedmont from expressing their Christian faith and showing their love of Jesus Christ:

Mayor Bill Baker said the desire to have a religious theme for the Christmas parade was in response to a conflict earlier in the year with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Wisconsin-based atheist organization contacted Piedmont City Schools earlier this year with the threat of a lawsuit if perceived school-sponsored prayer continued before football games. The high school stopped using the stadium loudspeakers and instead began holding a moment of silence. Many students and fans said the Lord’s prayer during the break.

The FFRF learned of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” parade theme and sent another letter to city officials. The city agreed to go back to the usual title, the City of Piedmont Christmas Parade.

That motivated Piedmont residents to exercise their freedoms of religion and speech Thursday night. There was a prayer circle before the parade, and many marchers carried signs with “Keep Christ in Christmas” handwritten or printed on them.

“This anti-religious group that started all this stuff, I really believe this has backfired on them,” mayor Baker said.

“What has happened now is the city of Piedmont, great city to live in, great people, has rallied. They have caused our parade to be bigger and better with more emphasis placed on Christianity.”

Baker said the turnout at this year’s Christmas parade was the city’s largest ever.

“There’s people in there wearing t-shirts that are of a religious nature. It just went crazy, out of sight, in a positive way, and I’m so excited,” he said.

via ABC 33/40 and BizPacReview

Atheists are bitter because they find existence to be empty and meaningless… Apparently, during our short time on this Earth, they are determined to drag the rest of us down with them.

Thankfully, all the lawsuits in the world can’t stop free men and women from proclaiming their faith and standing for the real meaning of Christmas. This is a huge win for Christmas and traditional values, as this story is going viral.