ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Two Republican congressmen have introduced a bill in Congress that would require women of the appropriate age to be subject to Selective Service Registration as well as a military draft, should one be reinstituted in the future.  The two congressmen are Representative Duncan Hunter of California and Ryan Zinke of Montana.  The name of the bill is the Draft America’s Daughters Act, because Washington politicians love to create clever acronyms with their legislation.  Calling it the D.A.D. Act is supposed to engender feelings of protectiveness in Americans.  The bill is really just designed to kick off a debate in Congress to find the will to over-ride the social engineering taking place in the military at the hands of the Obama Regime.

Both of these men are distinguished military veterans themselves.  Duncan Hunter served in the Marine Corps with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ryan Zinke is a former Navy SEAL.  Both of these men think that putting women in combat is a tremendously stupid idea, but the Obama Regime is pushing through the change to open up all combat roles to women, whether they want them or not, and whether they can perform up to standards or not.  As I detailed in a prior article, women demonstrably and objectively cannot perform as well as men in combat roles, because they do not have the same strength, stamina, and suffer injuries at a rate several times as that of men.

Nevertheless, Obama and the Left are determined to push their University manufactured fiction that denies sexual dimorphism.  They are determined to push their cult fantasy belief that sexuality and gender differences are merely “social constructs”.

I am of a different mind.  We should not save the Left from itself.  Rather, we should see this experiment through to the bitter end, in order to once and for all shut up the crazy cultists in the academe who have trotted out this ridiculous notion that there are “no differences” between the sexes, and that men and women are not merely equal before the law, but are physically equal in fact.  By all means, let’s put this stupidity to the acid test of combat.


We should immediately institute Selective Service for women.  That means, just as men have to do, women should have to march down to the post office and fill out the Selective Service card, so that they too can live with the threat that should a major war break out, they will be hauled off to fight in some God forsaken corner of the globe, just like our young men have to live with.  Should they refuse, they will be ineligible to receive guaranteed student loans from the government, just like men currently face.

In the event of a draft, the Draft Boards should first draft all the women who have women’s studies courses on their transcripts.  Let’s not forget to put famous online Social Justice Warriors like Anita Skarkeesian and Laci Green to the top of the list while we are at it.  Since these women are the ones who believe they are physically equal to men in every way, we need these special, unique women, to serve in combat and do what the average, ordinary, uneducated women have thus far been unable to do.  I’m sure that for the diminutive, 5 foot 2 feminist woman who weighs 110 pounds, she will find that it is a mere, unfair social construct that says she is unable to carry a 70 pound backpack and march 20 miles with it, like the men do.  I’m sure it is simply a matter of mind over matter.  I can’t wait to see all-feminist platoons prove me wrong.

When these female combat soldiers are captured by ISIS and gang raped repeatedly, you Gals just make sure you tell your captors to address you as Ze or Zhe, because Gosh Darnit, it’s those damned sexist pronouns that are the biggest thing keeping womyn down these days.

And just to underline the idea of gender equality to the maximum, there shall be no exceptions or waivers given to pregnant women.  Because if there’s one thing we have learned from Hollywood, it’s that pregnant women can stay on the job with no special treatment up to two minutes before the water breaks!  Just drop a squat in the foxhole, pop out that baby, wipe the mud off, put the baby in your field pack, and keep squeezing off those rounds at the bad guys.  I’m sure that baby can wait to nurse while you’re engaged in hand to hand bayonet combat.  Just give ‘em an MRE to suck on for awhile.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have just launched a recruitment drive to lure more men into elementary and primary grade teaching, in order to “salvage masculinity” in their young male generations.  This according to an article by Javier Hernandez of the New York Times.  Geez, it’s the New York Times, and it’s written by a Latino journalist, so by diversity standards, it must be Gospel Truth!  I wonder what it is that the Chinese know that we don’t?