Can We Trust Anyone in Washington?

ELDER PATRIOT – Washington is rotting and the source of the stench lies in the garbage popularly called the political class.  With very few exceptions, the White House, Senate and House of Representatives are manned by 537 lying, cheating, stealing, and corrupt men and women.  Those who believe anything else are deluding themselves and would do the rest of a service by sitting out the primaries.


These current crop of these men and women deal in bribery, extortion, and blackmail, both, to get what they want and to themselves be kept in line when necessary.  There are precious few honest members of this group who have earned our trust.  It is sad to say but everyday American’s would be best served by retiring all 537 as soon as possible.  The opportunity to replace 471 of the 537 will come in November of 2016.  This is the largest turnover possible under current electoral law and we would do well to take full advantage of it.


To those who follow the inner workings of this cesspool on a daily basis it’s hard to keep your stomach from turning as one by one these scallywags declare their candidacy for the presidency.  Just believing they have earned another term in their current office exhibits a level of hubris that surpasses nauseating.


Previous service in the Senate or the House of Representatives should be immediate grounds for disqualification by the voters.  The primary reason is to break up the old boys club that currently exists in Washington.  A look at the past 6 years clearly shows the contempt these whores have for the will and welfare of the people.

  • They passed the un-Affordable Healthcare Act against the will of the people.
  • They have continued to prosecute an unpopular war by adding a new twist; they have no obvious mission to fulfill unless it is to see Iran have nuclear weapons and Israel obliterated.
  • They have allowed the borders to remain open using the flimsiest of excuses thereby paving the way for the entry of who knows what.  All the while they continue to intensify their spying on average Americans in violation of our Fourth Amendment rights as though we are the ones who can’t be trusted.
  • They passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act financially handcuffing America’s small businesses that had been the source of 75% of all new jobs in this country and, as a result, paved the way for a new era of industrial dominance of mega corporations.
  • They are responsible for the jobless “recovery” we are experiencing where many jobs previously held by American citizens are now held by immigrants, both, legal and illegal.  93,000,000 Americans of working age are now unemployed.  This is the most ever.
  • They are now attempting to ramrod three new trade treaties into law which purportedly will end America’s sovereignty over her future trade decisions.  If past trade treaties provide any measure then these will result in even more outsourcing of American jobs.  They are attempting an end-run on the Constitution’s requirement for a two-thirds majority to ratify treaties by creating a procedure called “fast track.”
  • All the while they have systematically voted to raise the debt limit spending us into a level of debt that has caused our borrowing status to be devalued and threatening our nation’s solvency well into the future.


Soon the mailers and commercials will begin arriving at your home extolling the virtues of your elected representatives and explaining how they are not one and the same with those other scoundrels.  They are.  If they claim to have voted against Obamacare verify their veracity by checking their votes on funding it.  If the say they voted against raising the debt limit check their votes for how many times they voted in favor of raising it.  With many votes on the same legislation, legislators have the opportunity to pad their “resume” by voting against any bill a number of times as long as it passes when the one key vote is taken.


Americans are suffering as we watch our earnings erode, equities diminish and jobs disappear.  The sanctimonious “public servants” we have sent to defend our interests have had personal equity growth nearing a half-billion dollars by selling America’s assets to corporations and foreign governments.


By the way, you’ll be voting against your own interests if your vote hinges on:

  • Social welfare spending.  There’ll be no social welfare spending if the moneyed people flee and/or the economy crashes.
  • Women’s rights.  In case you haven’t noticed, this is a phony issue.  No president or legislature has ever turned back social protections.  It might be worth noting that women have no rights under totalitarian governments.
  • Environmental issues.  Poor people don’t give a damn what the world looks like tomorrowas long as they find something to eat today.
  • Reproductive rights.  If this is your hot button issue you don’t deserve a vote.
  • Animal rights.  See reproductive rights, above.
  • Racial issues.  See social spending, above.

These issues are all being used to distract you from the more important issues of the day.  The fact that any incumbent would waste any energy on these matters, when the very soul of our country is being stripped from us by this congress, is despicable.


This election is about restoring some sense of integrity to those we chose to govern us.  The safest bet for all Americans is to throw the bums out.