Now, keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list, because well, that would take a lifetime to discuss.

From TheBlaze:

Actress and “The View” co-host Candace Cameron Bure appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, where she commented on the 2016 presidential race and discussed what she believes is “wrong with feminism.”

Bure pushed back against former secretary of state Madeleine Albright’s recent comment that, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other” — a reference that some took as an effort to shame women into supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

The actress, who prefaced her comments by stating that no one should be joking about hell, took specific issue with Albright’s proclamation.

“There’s so many women that are not pro-choice, that are pro-life,” Bure said. “To say that they’re not feminists, that they’re anti-women if they’re not supporting other women, that’s, to me, what’s wrong with feminism.”

The actress also said that she hasn’t yet chosen a presidential candidate, but is looking for someone “who’s going to put America back in the hands of the people and not so much the government.”

Well, I think can safely say I agree with what Bure’s looking for in a candidate. I, too, want someone who will actually live out their principles, reduce the size of government, and allow me the God-given freedom to work hard and provide an honest living for my family.

As far the whole feminism thing, I get where she’s coming from, although I have to say that feminism is so backwards and just all around nutty that there isn’t a whole of good things about it to begin with, aside from the elitism that goes on in their own ranks.

Now that I’ve made everyone angry, I think I’m going to exit stage right…