VIA| Just about any time I hear some raging liberal foam at the mouth and start saturating the area I’m currently inhabiting with gallons of climate change slop, I get a twitch in my right eye and the sudden urge to pull my own hair out.

You see, liberal progressives have an insatiable desire to take one person’s money directly out of their wallet, and place it in the pocket of another person — who likely doesn’t have the slightest intention of putting in a hard day’s labor — so they can “spread the wealth around.”

One of the ways these Robin Hood wannabes wish to satisfy their socialist obsession with wealth redistribution is by placing heavy restrictions on businesses, thus enabling the government to own a piece of the means of production.

What better way to accomplish this then through environmentalism? Liberals have been trying for decades to convince the rest of us the government is the only hope for saving the planet, therefore, we need to let them regulate businesses and fix things before the whole world explodes or something.

Yes, they use old school fear tactics to try convincing us to willingly give up our freedom for security against a threat that’s about as real as a three dollar bill.

This cartoon exposes the scam perfectly.



What’s truly sad is how many college kids out there — and adults too — actually get duped by these people into believing this climate change garbage despite the overwhelming majority of the evidence that exists to the contrary.

At this point, all I can hope for is that the insanity will somehow slow down, and let those of us with a little common sense off the crazy train!