Charles Barkley Sums Up Conservatives’ Feeling About Government

ELDER PATRIOT – During an appearance on ESPN’s morning radio show, “Mike and Mike,” Charles Barkley summed up the frustration that conservatives feel about government and the growing crowd of entitlement leeches that have attached themselves to it.

The show aired on Christmas Eve and the hosts asked Charles to express his feelings about Christmas.

Charles never hesitated, “When you are black and rich, everybody think they are part of your family. Everybody’s a relative. Everybody wants a really nice gift. It’s like your family members members. One year you buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater, they look at you like, ‘You only got me a sweater.’ They always want the gifts to escalate so you can never get them a sweater because you bought them a house the year before because they get pissed.”

Most of us aren’t worth the $30 million that Barkley has amassed playing and, then later, talking about a game that the rest of us play and discuss for free.  So when Sir Charles complains about the attitude of relatives who feel entitled to his money how does he think tax-paying Americans feel about that same lack of gratitude in self-entitled liberal voters who they’ve never even met but who literally live off their hard work all year round?  Hey Charles, most of us can’t even afford to buy that sweater for those we love at Christmas thanks to the growing cost of the non-family leeches our government is embracing.

Charles finished his response by saying, “I’m a firm believer that Santa Claus should only bring kids gifts.  I think once you’re out of high school, I do, I don’t think you should, I think Santa Claus should bring gifts to everybody until they get out of high school and then that’s it.  That’s my personal opinion.”

Amen, Charles.  Spending between $240,000 and $400,000 to educate the children of other people through high school should be sufficient.  Even a mother bird shoves her fledglings out of the nest before they’re teenagers.

Thanks Charles for illuminating the hypocrisy of the Left.