Chicago Protests Offer Glimpse Into The Future

ELDER PATRIOT – When Donald Trump made the decision to avoid a potential violent encounter between twenty thousand of his supporters and roughly one thousand protesters we were provided with a glimpse into America’s future.

As the announcement came from Mr. Trump that he was cancelling the event rather than risking injury to anyone in the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, a Mexican flag was raised and a chant erupted of “We stopped Trump!”  The larger message to Americans witnessing the events on television was, “Mexico now owns Chicago!”


Welcome to Amerika 2016 where non-citizens control the political dialogue in many of our cities because Mr. Trump’s establishment opponents have steadfastly refused to do anything to deter their invasion.  To the contrary, they have advanced illegal immigration through greater and greater government inducements that have been offered at the expense of hard-working American taxpayers.

Unless you want to see this scene played out in ever increasing frequency and with the likelihood of greater violence, it is important to note that Mr. Trump is the only candidate who has stood firm in defense of American sovereignty and of America’s working-class, the people who have had their country ripped out from under them by his globalist establishment opponents.