Chicago’s Useful Idiot Students Rally For The Oligarchy

ELDER PATRIOT – Looking back, I guess the events that took place at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion were predictable.  This is one of the end products that emerges when the two dominant political parties merge into an oligarchy and only retain their liberal and conservative identities for the purposes of dividing people as last night’s events was surely meant to do.

While the optics were meant to damage Donald Trump’s candidacy, attempting to attach any rationale to the demonstrators’ actions just doesn’t add up.

There are only two groups that are aligned against Trump and they both come from the same poisoned tree; the super-rich donor class and the globalists who believe in the world Marxist movement.  The merger of these two groups with a unified plan for total control of both the nation states and the people should be evident to college students.  The fact that it isn’t should call into question why American taxpayers are spending half-trillion dollars to send their children to these centers of indoctrination, annually.   

“Spontaneous” protests by college students don’t just happen, especially on Friday nights when options for hooking up are the only things occupying their vacant minds and hormone-filled bodies. 

Our current president, who has demonstrated his globalist sympathies on virtually every issue to cross his desk and is the head of the American Oligarchy, knows the difficulty of staging events like last night’s from his day as a community organizer.  But, Obama’s ties to the radicals within the Chicago educational community run deep and are inarguable.  Bill Ayers, who was one of America’s first homegrown terrorists, was a professor at the University of Chicago until his retirement and maintains close ties with, both, the president and radicalized professors throughout the Chicago area.

When the donor class instructed Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan to begin a series of protests at Trump rallies they identified Trump’s scheduled appearance in Chicago as the perfect place to put their plan into action. 

Everyone meeting on Sea Isle, Georgia earlier this week knew they could expect President Obama to deliver on their request.  Any doubt that Obama was on the same page as they were is delusional.  Under Obama’s leadership, crony capitalism reached entirely new levels as the American people were fleeced unmercifully. 

For Obama this advanced a move towards globalism and it created greater wealth inequality than we’d ever seen before.  The concentration of wealth in fewer corporate entities hastens the move to globalist governance.  And, wealth inequality is the stuff of revolutions or, at least, protests.

Obama has even more reasons to want to upset Trump’s presidential express, Trump has promised to enforce the nation’s immigration laws that Obama has systematically ignored and overridden by executive actions.  Any move to restore America’s borders naturally undoes Obama’s plan to render them irrelevant as the nation state is the enemy of the globalist movement.

So, the Oligarchy moved against Trump last night and the useful idiots, with a couple of semesters under their belt so they think they’re smarter than they really are, were called to action.  Sadly, they chose to protest the one candidate on either side in this race who is “raging against the machine” in an attempt to restore the American dream for them.

The only adult to emerge from last night’s foolishness was Donald Trump who cancelled his rally and protected the badly out-numbered protesters from reprisal at the hands of Americans who actually get it and are pissed off enough to actually do something about it.