ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – This is where it’s all leading, folks.  The government collecting metadata on your purchases.  The government scooping up all your emails and all your online postings and creating dossiers on every citizen.  Social media sites like Facebook acting behind the scenes for the government to create relational databases of everyone you know.  Government nationalizing sectors of the banking industry, for instance student and home loans.  Government taking over the healthcare industry.

Conservatives and Libertarians have been warning you for years.  It is a complicated web with one goal:  CONTROL.  A massive, Orwellian Control Grid that will reduce society to chattel owned and wholly controlled by the State.

The end goal was rolled out in China in October and is coming online for the New Year:  A government controlled credit scoring system.

Meet China’s new Social Credit System.  It is linked to Chinese citizens’ national I.D. cards, every single 1.3 billion of them.  And while the credit scoring system does use traditional financial data, its real use is as a means of social control.


The new system uses all the metadata that is collected by the State on Chinese citizens.  What their hobbies are, their shopping habits, their lifestyles, what they read online, what they post online, who their circle of friends are, and what their friends post online.  These “Citizen Scores” then determine what financial services, such as loans, you can obtain at a State Run Bank (the only kind in China).

A citizen’s status, or credit score, that ranges from 350 to 950, is available for everyone to view via Credit China or on your cell phone via a downloadable app, called Sesame App.   Citizens with higher scores are rewarded; a score of 600, for example, qualifies for an “instant loan” of about $800. At 650, renting a car no longer requires a deposit. At 700, a citizen is fast-tracked for a Singapore travel permit; higher travel visas such as to Europe will be granted for even higher scores. A specific high score may be required to get specific high-status and influential jobs.


A citizen’s credit score is hurt if they buy video games (apparently this is brain rotting entertainment intended only for the children of the West), if they post political comments without obtaining prior permission from the government (and what isn’t considered political these days?), or if they publish accurate news which is nevertheless embarrassing to the Communist Regime (such as the recent Shanghai Stock Market collapse).

It isn’t hard to figure out that the Chinese government will know if you are playing video games online as well.

But the really insidious part of China’s new Credit System is the fact that your credit score will be negatively affected if your friends do any of the list of prohibited actions as well.  It’s not hard to see how this will work:  Lowering your Credit Score because of the actions of a friend is an action by the State to “nudge” you to end your friendship.  Social ostracism will, in turn, be used as a means of social control.  Post too many “unapproved” political opinions, and the State will engineer your entire social circle into treating you as an outcast and a pariah.

That is only just the beginning.  There is nothing to stop the State of China from telling merchants that their credit scores will also suffer if they sell or do business with those on the State’s Enemies List, as well.  With just a little effort, China will be able to make life itself unlivable for anyone who dares to step out of line.

And it is on its way to America, too.  Remember that Facebook’s Zuckerberg has been taking lessons in tyranny from the Communists in Bejing.  Zuckerberg helped the Chinese build the Great Firewall that keeps their citizens from accessing most of the World Internet.  Zuckerberg is working with Angela Merkel and ex-East German Stasi Agents to collect and rat out any Germans who are making “anti-Muslim” posts on social media.  Facebook was designed from the ground up to collect metadata on its users, and chart who their friends, acquaintances, and business associates are.  Every bit of personal information or your thoughts that you offer up to sites like Facebook and Twitter can and will be used against you by the government in the future as the same sort of tyranny is rolled out here.  The Obama Regime can’t wait to roll out such a system in America.

protecting the state

Think it can’t happen?  Look at how it is now expected at Yale and other Ivy League universities for students to get “prior approval” from school officials over what Halloween costumes the students can wear.  Look at what happens to faculty at Yale who resist such a tyrannical structure:  They are forced out.  And we’re only talking about Halloween costumes!  Recently a surveyor collected over 50 signatures from Yale students in an hour for a petition to repeal the First Amendment.  What happens in the Academy today is what will be inflicted on the American People tomorrow.

The Federal government has already amassed control of key sectors of the economy to put the screws to political dissidents.  They already collect everything you post on social media (except if you’re a Radical Muslim who wants to come into the U.S. as an immigrant.  What you post is off limits then, naturally.  Thanks, Obama!).  The Federal government controls your access to obtain a student loan.  The Feds could start denying student loans to students with “politically incorrect” opinions tomorrow, and what would stop them?  The Republican Congressional Leadership?  Hahahahahaha!  No.

Own a Confederate Flag?  You can lose your job over that these days.  Own a gun store and need banking services?  The Federal government is already coercing banks to close the accounts of gun stores, because the Marxists running our government don’t like private citizens owning guns.  Nobody on Capitol Hill is doing anything about this assault on gun ownership, either.  Good luck taking years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to sue the government.  Even if you win, you lose.

You should be very concerned if you care at all about Freedom of Speech, because the system being rolled out in China today to deny citizens loans if they express the wrong opinions is merely being beta tested for use HERE!  You have been warned.