Chris Christie Hypocrite

ELDER PATRIOT – Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” Chris Christie could’ve been talking about himself when he described Obama as a “petulant child.”  This is the same Chris Christie who shut down the George Washington Bridge in wanton disregard for those in need of emergency services in order to “punish” Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing his 2013 gubernatorial re-election bid.

As a past director of the New Jersey Restaurant Association I can tell you firsthand that Christie made it a habit to “punish” those who supported him, as well, if they openly disagreed with one of his policies in the slightest.

Christie continued, “Quite frankly, the American people have rejected his agenda by turning both the House and the Senate over to the Republicans, and going from 21 governors when he came into office, to the 31 Republican governors now. Now this president wants to act as if he is a king, as if he is a dictator.”  I wonder how Christie would answer if asked about the 61% of NJ voters who want him to drop his presidential bid because his administration has done little to nothing to ameliorate their problems over his almost six years as governor.


Said Christie after lap band surgery to correct his lack of self-control. 

America will be better off without Chris Christie.