Chris Christie May Be A Trojan Horse

ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday’s endorsement of Donald Trump by Chris Christie made for great optics because it represented the first significant crack in the establishment wall.  This will be the first of many endorsements to come as jockeying has now begun for seats on the Trump Presidential Express by politicians who can read the tea leaves that Trump is very likely to become our next president. 

The attack on Trump surrounding his involvement in Trump University was being saved for a later date but Christie’s announcement made it imperative to try to stop the dam from bursting on the inevitable parade of endorsements that were certain to follow Christie’s by other opportunistic pols.

The fact that it was Chris Christie who was the first major political figure to jump on board should serve as a warning to Trump.  Christie is motivated by selfishness above all else and uses any means available to advance himself.

As governor of New Jersey Christie regularly threw allies under the bus if he felt they had challenged his authority in any way.  As a member of the New Jersey Restaurant Association’s Board of Directors, I witnessed Christie’s total disregard for those who helped put him in the governor’s mansion when we supported Steve Lonegan and Americans For Prosperity and together challenged Christie’s support of a carbon tax.  Governor Christie fired a warning shot across our bow by instituting a new tax aimed specifically at us in his next budget.

He consistently reached across the aisle to make deals with Democrats that made him look good but hurt those voters and groups that had supported his election.  Despite promises to the contrary (and a whole lot of bluster about it) he never reigned in New Jersey’s spending.  Instead he resorted to using unrealistic 7% economic growth models to suggest his budget would be balanced.

Then there was Christie’s use of operatives to infiltrate TEA Party groups and the campaigns of challengers to entrenched RINO’s.  I worked on one such campaign and know first-hand the devious nature and hardball politics Christie relishes.

He also infiltrated the campaign of Steve Lonegan with at least two operatives who were able to bury the once promising and truly conservative politician.

Has Christie decided to infiltrate the Trump campaign on behalf of his corporate sponsors or has he legitimately come to the conclusion that Trump is good for America?  Who can know for certain?  The only thing we can know for sure is that Christie has decided endorsing Trump is good for Christie.  This should not be enough for Trump to trust him with so much at stake.

Trump would be entering very dangerous grounds if he invited Christie to be his Vice President.  While they would project the most forceful persona any top-of-the-ticket team has presented since Teddy Roosevelt, Christie does not play well with others and would be unaccepting of playing second fiddle to Trump for very long. 

This is where Christie’s entrenched ties to Wall Street become very troubling.  Even considering his widely acknowledged penchant for screwing those who supported him in the past, he well knows he can personally benefit more from his Wall Street ties than from adhering to Trump’s plan of “making America great again” should anything happen to Trump that results in his inability to complete his presidency.

Putting Christie a heartbeat away from the presidency would be very tempting to the Ruling Elite and is a risk Trump mustn’t take.