Chris Christie: New Jersey’s Fat, Mean, Failure It’s Past Time For Him to Leave the Stage

ELDER PATRIOT – Those of us who actually look under the hood before buying a car continue growing more cynical of the mainstream media’s political pundits every time they bring forth another “house Republican” for our consideration in what has become a desperate attempt by them to find anybody who can challenge Donald Trump. 


This is the case with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie whose record would only be attractive to a globalist wanting America’s wealthy to move elsewhere.   It’s time for Chris Christie to exit the debates so that we can focus our attention on those that might actually be able to win election in November.  Among those who know him best, only 30% of the voters of New Jersey say they still approve of him.  There’s good reason, too.

According to a study released yesterday, New Jersey again leads the way as the number one outward migration state mostly fueled by those who can afford the costs of leaving.  Why?  Average household income has fallen from $73,492 when Chris Christie was elected to $71,919 according to the numbers most recently released.  Adjusting for inflation should’ve seen average household income climb to $79.990.  Instead, New Jersey families have lost 11.2% of their purchasing power under the Christie administration.  This closely mirrors the Obama economy that has seen families’ purchasing power diminished by 14.25% over the same time period.

New Jersey’s debt continues to grow while the incomes of its workers continues shrinking exacerbating the costs of those accessing government assistance programs.  As an example, in Christie’s first four years the number of persons accessing New Jersey’s food assistance program (SNAP) rose over 45%.  Numbers for 2014 and 2015 were not available.  Hmm.

Chris Christie has had a failed governorship that the mainstream media is just dying to tell you about, only if they are successful in securing the nomination for him. 

There are no perfect candidates and there never will be one but in Christie’s case there is almost nothing on his resume to suggest we can trust him to fix the problems we, the people, now face.