VIA|  On November 19, Church Norris released a strong message regarding Muslims’ war against Christmas and other Christian holidays in America.

Fox News reported:

The Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland has cut Christmas and Easter from the next year’s school calendar…No more Christian holidays because they offend Muslims.

The board’s president, Phil Kauffman, explained, “The best way to accommodate the diversity of our community is to not make choices about which communities we’re going to respect in our calendar and which ones we’re not going to respect.”

Yes, that’s happening in our Christian nation! How crazy!

Here what Chuck wrote about that:

“That’s not the America our Founding Fathers created for us. That’s not unity in diversity. That’s not education but pipeline progressivism pumping out another indoctrination camp. And where’s our president when these Christian and Jewish references are being erased from civic calendars? Is he crying out in defense of religious liberty and our First Amendment? Nope. He’s as silent as a church mouse, just as he’s been for the past six years on any such matter.”

Do you agree with Chuck? Where’s our president?

Here’s how Norris dealt with some “Muslims protected by Allah” in one of his movies years ago…

Warning: foul language and violence

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